Become an online trainer or nutritionist

If you are looking for a career as an online trainer or nutrition specialist – you are in the right place!

U LIVE Fit is an online fitness platform where trainers and nutritionists can launch LIVE streams, give personal training and advice, publish free and paid content and chat with the audience.

Launch a LIVE Video Stream, upload a paid video, write an article, give a personal training – it's all possible here!

With our community of more than 60k subscribers you will find your audience. If you already have a network, let them join here.

LIVE video streams

Launch LIVE streams of your workouts and engage audience. You can make them paid or free. Watch this video to see how easily you can launch a LIVE stream in ULIVE.Fit.

Personal training & advice

Give personal training or nutrition advice in a personal video chat in ULIVE.Fit. The user will pay you per minute.

Monthly subscriptions

You can create 30-day challenges, meal or workout plans by monthly subscription. Making things simple, you can just launch paid streams of your workouts by subscription.

We take you serious

WE take your work and commitment serious. To prove this we can double your earnings in ULIVE.Fit upon request. We can also provide personal technical support, if you have more than 5000 subscribers in Instagram, YouTube.

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The Payments

With ULIVE.Fit you benefit from effortless collection of your earnings. All the payments are integrated in our system and you can always check your balance in your account.

Every 6000 coins are worth $1. You can withdraw your earnings starting from $10 directly to yourcredit card, bank account or an online wallet.

Got it!