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I think my most favorite thing about this life is the people in it & the people I get to meet. If only you guys could hear some of the stories these people I meet tell me... ☁️ truly gives me purpose, I know exactly what I was put on earth to do. Sometimes I second guess myself just like we all do to ourselves. Sometimes I let people’s comments get to me, and I ask myself why am I not doing “better”? Why am I not doing this/that? Truth is, I’m actually living my dream. I get to inspire people to be themselves, change their lives, try a plant based diet, etc. its SO much more than you know. Like the first girl in this video- such a sweetheart. She was telling me how it has helped her soooo much by me posting my cellulite/rolls/etc and embracing them, making it normal. She told me it made her feel so much better about herself and she loved me for that, & THAT’S the only thing I want out of this whole thing. Is to just make people feel better and to help people 🙏🏽 my dream. She brought tears to my eyes, I told her “look, my eyes are all filled up” 🥺❤️ she gave me a hug and those are the sort of moments I’ll never forget. Another guy told me that my Instagram saved his life. Another guy told me how thankful he is that i promote a plant based protein 🌱. Yes, expos are exhausting but SO rewarding! I couldn’t have chosen a better team to do it with, my day 1’s- @ehplabs and @blessedprotein ... to be able to call it mine... it still hasn’t registered. I am so thankful for my business partner/mentor/big brother for believing in me. You know who you are ❤️ forever BLESSED! Huge thank you to all of the EHP&BLESSED ambassadors and athletes for coming out and showing everyone a good time! Your energy this time was 😍✨ there were times where my energy was low and I would look over to the dancing girls to my right and I was like OH that’s right. Smile Katya! Let’s go! I guess that’s what they call teamwork 💫 and of course a huuuuuuuuuge thank you to everyone who came out last weekend to say hi, give me a hug, and show support. I saw so many of you babes rockin the @workouts_by_katya gear 💜 I could never thank you enough. You guys warm my heart. 🥺 xoxo, Kat

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