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By now, it should be very apparent that I'm a MAJOR Halle Berry fan. I won't waste your time explaining why she's one of my favorites, but just know my love for her runs deep. I also love her Fitness Friday Instagram series because it's fun, lets me learn more about her, and because she's always sharing intense ab workouts --- which are hands-down my favorite.

"Today is all about the beauty of stillness," Halle wrote in her Instagram caption. She went on to explain that holding an exercise can help build strength, stamina, and elevate your heart rate. These moves may look easy, but you're more than likely going to be shaking during the entire workout. If you ready to give it a shot, continue reading.
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Halle Berry's 3-Minute Isometric Ab Workout {#slide-body}

  1. Hollow body hold: 30 seconds
  2. V-sit: 30 seconds
  3. V-sit reach through: 30 seconds
  4. Bear hold: 30 seconds
  5. Plank with opposite knee to elbow: 30 seconds on each side
  6. Superman: hold for 30 seconds
  7. Bird dog: hold for 30 seconds on each side

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