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Never skip a Monday workout 🙅🏽♀️ sooooo I've been testing out some of the workouts from my new 8 week PEACH PLEASE challenge that starts March 30th... and lemme tell you... these workouts are no joke 😫 I am absolutely loving this new training split! Guess what? There is now yoga stretches at the end of each session!!! Taking the time to slow down, cool down, and stretch at the end of a workout sesh is not only beneficial for your mobility, but it also helps you take a moment to reflect \& appreciate what you have just achieved and have a little gratitude time 🙏🏽💫😊 us #WBKgirls are not only focused on the outside, we focus on the inside as well. 🧠 so so so important. Who run the world?! WBK girls! 👊🏽 Quick, secure your spot for my brand new challenge \~ link in bio! - - my top is from my bikini line \~ @kissmypeachswimwear \& my leggings are @workouts_by_katya ☁️ (they come in other colors ✨)

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