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The promised training on the upper body 💪 ⠀ We save 😉 Perform 😉 ⠀ If there is an expander and dumbbells, it’s just great if you don’t use a long elastic band (a penny is worth) or bottles of water, it’s quite possible to perform almost all the exercises with them 👇 ⠀ 1. Makha on the shoulders to the sides 2. Swing on the shoulders in front of you 3. Thrust on the shoulders to the chin (broach) 4. Horizontal thrust on the back 5. Thrust the dumbbells to the belt on the back 6. Flexion on the triceps 7. Flexion on the biceps 8. Press with elastic (can without) ⠀ Exercises can be performed as a separate mix with exercises on bottom, and use as a full upper body workout on! ⠀ Tell me by the way with what equipment you exercise at home? 👇 I have 6kg dumbbells, expanders, fitness elastic bands and small weights on my legs! All😅 And there’s also a jump rope😁 # Alyonochka_training helps you start a new, healthier life. Get a workout motivation, find your personal coach and get a personalized workout plan paired with a your own meal plan. Join thousands of like-minded people sharing information about sports, workouts, motivation and dieting everyday.

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