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💕Give your NECK + SHOULDERS some looove!💕 . ✨SAVE✨this tutorial for the days you’re holding tension in the neck + shoulders. These stretches will feel AMAZING and make you feel like a whole new person✨ . Poses include: 💖NECK STRETCH: Lean the head over to the right. Relax the shoulders and if you like use your hand to deepen the stretch. Repeat on other side! . 💖NECK ROLL: Slowly roll head from side to side. Pause in any spots that feel extra tight . 💖EAGLE LIFT: Come into Eagle Arms (modify if needed!!) Inhale to lift elbows up, exhale to lower. Practice on both sides! . 💖PUPPY: Keep hips stacked on top of knees. Walk hands forward and let the forehead rest on the mat. Keep elbows lifted for a deeper stretch . 💖WALL SHOULDER STRETCH: Face the wall and teach hand out to the side. Slowly turn away from the arm until you feel a stretch. . 💖FORWARD FOLD + WINDMILL: Start in a forward fold. Sweep the arm up and make giant circles to stretch the shoulder. Repeat on other side! . 🌟Your body is going to looooove these juicy stretches!! Let me know which one is your favorite!🌟 . Wearing: @paragonfitwear Song: Lights Go Out by @djtazrashid Mat: @bluuspace . . #beginneryoga #yogaforbeginners #yogastretches #yogaposes #yogaflow #homeyoga #yogaathome #yogapractice #yogateacher #homeflow #practicedaily #inflexibleyogis #yogaeverydamnday #paragonfitwear #yogainspo #homeworkout #homepractice

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