4 rules of awesome self-esteem


⠀ I then decided to delve into the psychology, and this topic so I liked it and decided to share with you. ⠀ All of our fears or failures from low self-esteem and self-confidence, what is self-esteem?🤔 ⠀ Self-esteem is

  1. confidence in your ability to think, make basic decisions life challenges, be effective and meet all the hardships and the needs of society ⠀
  2. and confidence in their right to happiness and success, a sense of what we deserve, deserve, have the right to our own needs and desires, achieve results and reap them fruits. ⠀ It the result, which is achieved with time. It's the eternal way where you will constantly be subjected to trials and new insights ⠀ 4 rules for self-assessment ⠀ 1️⃣I'M ALWAYS ON TOP ⠀ To be on the first place - so value yourself more than anything in the world, and the same applies to him with respect and care first and foremost about their desires ⠀ 2️⃣DON'T BE AFRAID CONDEMNATION ⠀ Listen to the opinions of others people, ESPECIALLY negative. But it doesn't it doesn't matter to you at all. Someone else's opinion has no value. When you see aggression, discontent, and condemnation in the your side - this should not cause any problems emotions. It's important how you look in YOUR eyes and what YOU think of yourself. ⠀ 3️⃣DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF WITH NO ONE ⠀ Never compare yourself with other people: admire the talents, successes, and achievements of others people. Don't see other people as rivals and don't compete with them. Forget about the envy and desire for someone that- to prove it. For you, there is only your result, only your goals and only your life. ⠀ Confident people never envy success, but rather rejoice over it and used as inspiration. Remember: you have no one to compare yourself to but YOURSELF. Only when you can be truly happy the achievements and success of others, you will forget about this concepts like "anger" and "envy" (Just these two feelings most of all lower self-esteem). ⠀ 4️⃣PRIVACY WITH A ⠀ Don't be afraid of moments of loneliness. There should be moments of privacy. And every time it is a minute to be alone (go to the movies, have dinner at a restaurant, read a book or work in a coffee shop, practice without a trainer, get out walk with your loved one playlist in headphones) - enjoy every second of it. Love yourself and love being with yourself ⠀ Privacy is the ability to give all the maximum, and not to suffer from his imaginary loneliness. #Кругловасаморазвитие

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