Bitter Jaguar - HD - training

I got to get in some strength and power work with funny yoked friend @awakenwithjp , country badass @ts_steiner , and all around badass @timkennedymma Keeping training functional and effective, here is the workout Tim put us through ・・・ Tim Kennedy Acid Bath -Warmup Hip/Shoulder/Knee Rotations 10ea x5 -Strong Man Strong Man Log Bar carry 30m 155, 175, 195, 215, 235lb Atlas ball carry 30m 125lb X5 -Power development 150m Row x2 150m Ski x2 20s assault bike x2 (100% maximum effort) (Full recovery between efforts) - - Give it a shot and have fun with this one! - - - #onnit #fullbodyworkout #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #workoutoftheday #wod #workoutmotivation #hardtokill #conditioningtraining #strengthtraining #coach #austintexas helps you start a new, healthier life. Get a workout motivation, find your personal coach and get a personalized workout plan paired with a your own meal plan. Join thousands of like-minded people sharing information about sports, workouts, motivation and dieting everyday.

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