Why do you need a trainer?

Coach is about your motivation💪🏻 Coach is about your results🏆   I will tell you a secret. Even trainers need trainers. Yes! We are humans, and we always feel sorry for ourselves. We never have the strength to do it 5 more times after a set, because we program ourselves with the words “I can 25”, and that’s it. This makes you stagnate for months and may even lead to abandoning sports. Therefore, do not feel sorry for yourself and the means to make you healthier and better.        Why don’t you love sports, and sports don’t love you? The answer is in the question itself - reciprocity. Before you start doing something, you need to let the thought or idea sink in you. Try to imagine and experience it on a psycho-emotional level.    Next point is your perception of "How I Feel." If any thought about training lets you experience discomfort, your brain transfers this information to your body and the body in its turn rejects movement on the physical level.    What can you do? The answer is - love. First of all, love your body. Secondly, look for activity without forcing or straining yourself. It can be an evening walk, a morning walk for a coffee or a yoga class. Taking these small steps, you and your body will begin to love a certain ritual. And the results will come. Important is to start small.

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