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Dancing-dancing. I've loved dancing since I was a child. It all started with summer discos in the village 💃 👧 They were held several times a week and were a super event for teenagers 🤩 my friend and I chose what we would wear, how we would make up, how long we would draw arrows on our eyes, how many sequins we would stick on our cheekbones 💄 👁 chic and sparkle 💆 ♀ ️ As a student, I was just overwhelmed by the dance wave. I studied at Several dance schools, attended master classes of top foreign teachers and Russian choreographers. Then I realized that I wanted to teach, to create, to create their own 👯 ♀ app And off she went 🏃 ♀ ️ Now I am developing my own brand - @msd_studiospb dance Studio, training teams for performances, taking part in them myself, leading groups of newcomers-this is all my personal project 💞 in Addition to participating in competitions, I shoot videos with dancers, and soon there will be reporting concerts and many other interesting things! I also conduct dance training in fitness clubs, teach dance online 📲 and at home 🏠 . . . #danceonline #justdance #lovedance #lovemydance #onlinetrainer #onlinecoach #twerk #twerkonline #dancechallenge2020 #dancechallenge #twerkdance #twerkchallenge #jazzfunk #jazzfunkdance #jazzfunk #twerk2020 #bootydance #bootydancespb #bootyshaker #shakeitup #shakeyourbooty #twerkchoreo #twerkchoreoraphy helps you start a new, healthier life. Get a workout motivation, find your personal coach and get a personalized workout plan paired with a your own meal plan. Join thousands of like-minded people sharing information about sports, workouts, motivation and dieting everyday.

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