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10 Most Effective Fat Burning Cardio Workouts at Home

Thinking what workouts burn the most fat? In this article, we have listed the easiest fat-burning cardio workouts you can do at home. Untitled-2 A home workout routine is the best option for people who can't go to a gym. It's highly frugal and convenient. You can exercise anytime you want without a cost. We have chosen 10 best cardio exercises which can help men and women burn fat successfully. Simple Yet effective Fat Burning Cardio Workouts 1. Jumping jacks It's an extremely easy cardio workout that and burn more calories resulting in a rapid weight loss. Here's how you do the exercise correctly Follow this jumping-jacks pyramid by . 1. Perform as many jumping jacks as possible within 10 seconds then take a brief rest for another 10 seconds. 2. Repeat the whole process. Instead of 10 seconds, increase your time to 20 seconds then 30 seconds. 3. Perform the workouts pyramid in a descending manner (30, 20, and 10). Pro Advice Always land softly on the floor to protect your joints.
2. Stair-climbing Climbing the stairs is a powerful pre-workout for fat burning purposes and a good exercise for cardiovascular health. Untitled-1 Here's how you do the exercise correctly Walk in the stairs at a moderate strength for 10 minutes so you can melt . Isn't it easy and simple? Pro Advice It needs more weight and pressure on joints therefore it's not recommendable for people with bad knees or arthritis.
3. Jumping Rope Jumping rope exercise is a common fat burning workout for men and women. It burns large amount of fat and calories. Here's how you do the exercise correctly. 1. Perform jumping rope exercise as fast as possible for one minute then rest for 25 seconds. 2. Repeat the process for 30 minutes maximum or depending on your endurance. Pro Advice Always bring along with you jumping rope whenever you go on a travel.
4. Mountain climbers It's a total package of an effective workout. It builds cardio endurance and increases muscle strength in your arms, shoulders, back, and chest. Untitled-3 Here's how you do the exercise correctly. 1. Do a plank position and hold your body weight steadily with your arms as the main support. 2. Pull your legs alternately towards your chest. 3. Perform the climbing technique as fast as you can for 30 seconds then repeat it 4 times. Pro Advice Begin with a slow-to-moderate motion of mountain climber workout then increase your pace and time when you already adopt the technique.
5. Kickboxing Make the shadow boxing alive by combining it with a powerful kick. Performing it with the right intensity helps you burn over in just 10 minutes. Untitled-4 Here's how you do the exercise correctly Plan and create your own combinations depending on your body strength. You can perform jumping with front kicks, squats with sidekicks, or a series of front and side kick following a bunch of air punches. Pro Advice Discontinue kickboxing if you feel strains in your arms and legs.
6. Burpees It's a combination of squatting, jumping, and standing up. If you can sustain 10 minutes doing this exercise, you can burn 100 or even more . Here's how you do the exercise correctly Combine a 40 to 60 seconds cycle of burpees per 3 to 4 minutes of cardio workouts like jogging in place, jumping squats, jumping rope, etc. Pro Advice Adjust your speed according to your body endurance especially if you combine burpees with varieties of difficult workouts.
7. Shadow boxing A simple and cost-free type of workout but it's as effective as hitting a punching bag. It improves cardiovascular health, muscle endurance, muscle tone, core stability, and more. Untitled-5 Here's how you do the exercise correctly Throw a powerful punch as many as you can for 10 seconds then slow down and make few movements for another 10 seconds. Repeat the process for 30 minutes. Pro Advice To perform actively, always direct your fists with your face. After each punch, pull your arms back near to your body. Always keep a minimal knee bend and your weight in a forward direction. 8. Push-ups It allows you to carry your weight while you're on a plank position. routine strengthens your lower back and improves your muscle tone, muscle endurance, posture, cardiovascular system, etc. Untitled-6 Here's how you do the exercise correctly. 1. Begin with a plank position then push your body down and up as many as you can while maintaining a good posture. 2. If you can't endure the exhaustion anymore, take a 2-minute rest, then perform another 2 sessions. For best results, repeat this exercise 3 times a week. Pro Advice Throughout the workout, maintain a good posture - avoid sagging your belly or chest and jutting out your butt. Make it lower until you reach the floor for better results. 9. Jump Squats The is a powerful version of regular squats. It increases your overall body endurance, improves your balance, tones your muscles, and burns more calories than the typical squats. Here's how you do the exercise correctly. 1. Stand straight with your body facing a forward direction and arms on your sides. 2. Bend your knees, protrude your buttocks out, bring your palm together, and assume a squat position. 3. Jump straight with your arms on your sides. Land back on the floor in a half squat position with your palms together. 4. Repeat the process 3 times with 15 jump squats in each round. Pro Advice If you have weak knee joints, active or recovering leg injury, avoid jump squat workout. 10. Jog in place Untitled-7 Jogging in place is an easy-to-do workout that boosts cardiovascular health, improves blood circulation, and burns fat. Here's how you do the exercise correctly. 1. Start with a 3 to 5-minute body stretching 2. Jog in place for 5 minutes then perform 25 push-ups and rest for one minute. 3. Resume jogging in place for another 5 minutes then perform 20 jumping squats with 30-second jumping jacks. Take one-minute rest and repeat the whole process for at least 30 minutes. Pro Advice Perform at a high-intensity rate especially if it's your cardio workout of choice. Final Tip for Fat Burning Cardio Workouts Having a regular exercise is important in attaining optimum holistic health and wellbeing and you don't always need a gym. #interesting #HD #12+

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