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Are Diet Drinks Healthy? 9 Facts about Diet Sodas you Might Need to Know

Several people prefer diet soda to enjoy a low-calorie sweet-tasting drink. But low calories don't always mean healthy. *** Diet sodas are common among people who want to lose weight and prefer low sugar or calorie drinks. Good examples of these drinks are coke zero, diet coke, diet Pepsi, and Diet Pepsi lime. These beverages contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, cyclamate, or sucralose. They taste like your regular soda but have less or no sugar content. You might be asking, are diet drinks safe? In this article, let's learn some of the known facts about diet sodas and whether you should stop drinking them.

How Diet Drinks Affect your Health?1. Triggers Headache Several studies suggested that artificial sweeteners in diet soda aggravate headaches. Some of the common diet sodas are sweetened with aspartame, a synthetic sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. 1. Disrupts your Gut Health A healthy gut enables you to digest foods properly. But a study revealed that artificial sweeteners may interrupt the functional activities of your gut microbiome. 1. Causes Breakouts Diet soda causes your skin to dry out that results in the formation of acne and dark spots. Switch to drinking water or natural green tea instead of diet soda to maintain healthy skin. 1. Reduces Bone Density A study in 2006 reported that diet soda causes low bone mineral density. If your bones contain insufficient mineral, you're likely to have osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become vulnerable to fracture and breakage. 1. Causes Childhood Obesity Artificially sweetened drinks cause childhood obesity. A group of researchers discovered that children born from mothers who drank diet soda during their pregnancy are twice as likely to become obese. The study involves over 3, 000 pregnant participants. Their children were evaluated and made known to become obese when they reach the age of 1. 1. Induces Preterm Delivery C:\Users\user\Downloads\download (18).jpg Pregnant women have a 38% chance to deliver before 37 weeks when they drink at least 1 to 3 diet sodas a day. Therefore, expectant moms should drink fresh fruit juice instead of artificially sweetened drinks. 1. Causes Weight Gain C:\Users\user\Downloads\download (19).jpg According to some research, constant consumption of artificially sweetened drinks induces your cravings for calorie-rich foods like cakes, ice cream, and cookies. Spoiling yourself with these foods increases your likelihood of gaining weight. 1. Causes Insulin Confusion Your body releases insulin when it detects a high level of sugar in your bloodstream. It happens when you drink a high amount of artificial sweeteners. However, the frequent release of insulin results in insulin resistance. It means that your body doesn't anymore respond to insulin - causing the accumulation of sugar in your bloodstream. The condition results in type 2 diabetes. 1. Zero Nutritional Value C:\Users\user\Downloads\images (4).jpg Yes, it's true, diet sodas don't contain calories. It sounds amazing, right? However, it's still a negative indication because these sweetened beverages have zero nutritional value. How Diet Soda Benefits your Health? There are a lot of reasons why we should avoid diet soda consumption. However, let's not forget how it will benefit our health in its little way. Diet soda has no direct health benefits. But it may give some people a good reason to lessen their addiction to sugary drinks. Is Diet Soda Bad for you? Let's Learn from the Experts! Several studies have correlated diet soda consumption to deteriorate certain health conditions. 1. Diet soda may worsen stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. A study in 2017 proposes that participants who consumed one diet soda a day are three times more likely at risk of stroke and Alzheimer's disease. 1. Diet soda increases your risk of developing diabetes. A study in 2014 suggests that participants who consumed diet soda have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus than those who didn't consume the drink. But the good thing is that several studies didn't find a link between artificial sweeteners to cancer. 1. Diet Soda may harm your kidneys. In a recent study, researchers reported that participants who increase their diet soda consumption in a week are more prone to develop end-stage kidney disorder. The participants consumed more than 7 glasses of diet soda each week. While their counterparts only drank less than one glass of diet soda in a week. 1. Diet soda causes hypertension. According to a study, researchers learned that adolescent participants who consumed diet soda exhibit an elevated blood pressure than their counterparts who didn't take soda drinks. Conclusion There are ways to lose weight naturally. Eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and drink enough water daily. When you opt for a zero-calorie drink, plain water is a perfect choice. Water is one of the most essential elements our body needs to perform its functions. If you wish for sweet-tasting drinks, choose healthy green diet drinks or fresh fruit juices. #interesting #hd #12+

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