Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea powder has been consumed in Japan for more than a thousand years. Drank by Buddhist monks to promote concentration, and by Samurai warriors to boost their sustained long lasting energy.

Matcha green tea is the strongest anti-oxidant of all foods. Matcha is the only tea where you actually consume the entire leaf, so you can dissolve it and drink it or eat it too.

Drinking one cup of Matcha equals drinking 10 cups of regular green tea. Just imagine how powerful this antioxidant powerhouse is. Among many health benefits of matcha green tea, the most celebrated are:

It gives your body sustained long lasting energy: its powerful amoniacid L-Theanine, which is created when the green tea leafs are shaded, promotes the slow release of caffeine in your body, giving you sustained long lasting energy without jitters. Sharp, Relaxed and Focused Mind: can you believe that an all natural product, Matcha, at the same time it gives you energy it also promotes focus, calmness and relaxation in your mind? Yes! Matcha green tea sharpens your mind! That is why it is said that matcha powder gives you a Calm Alertness. Burns Fat and Boosts Metabolism: matcha green tea burns fat and boosts your metabolism, so really, burning fat even while you sleep. Strengthens Immune System: matcha tea is antibacterial and antimicrobial, and promotes a strong immune system not just during winter but all year long. So, really one matcha a day keeps the doctor away. It is also great to promote oral health and fight bad breath. Anti-Aging: matcha green tea protects your skin from the free radicals, reverts skin damage and prevents skin damage. While at the same time promotes the production of elastin in your skin, making it look radiant and younger. Detox Your Body: matcha tea detoxed your body, giving you the oppotunity to start fresh each day!

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