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How aerobic exercise can burn fat effectively?

Start trimming off your belly fat and step down the ladder scale with aerobic exercise as the best approach to burn fat while at home.  _______________________________________________________________________  Science is telling us that  come in different ways. Some workout strategies may work effectively for you than others or vice versa. Planning your workout program depends mainly on your goal. So if your concern is to shed pounds, you should choose the best exercise to burn belly fat. There are two primary types of physical activity you can choose from, the aerobic and anaerobic exercise. You might be asking which of them is best for fat burning. In this article, let's first compare aerobic and anaerobic exercise to determine how to set your workout plan. Aerobic Exercise  is also known as "cardio workout" because it helps improve cardiac health. It increases your heart rate causing the immediate release of oxygenated blood to your muscles to meet the energy your body demands during this workout. This type of workout involves physical activity, which you can sustain throughout the end. Examples of aerobic exercises are jogging, running, walking, swimming, and cycling. Pros  Aerobic activity can: ● Improve Brain Health  A study suggests that aerobic exercise improves your . ● Promote Better Sleep Experience  Regular aerobic exercise alongside sleep hygiene education is effective in managing . ● Reduce Certain Health Conditions  In , you're less likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer, and osteoporosis. Cons Aerobic activity can cause: ● Overuse of Injured Joints  Regular or repetitive physical training like distance running prompts you to overuse your injured legs. ● Boredom  Getting easily bored due to prolonged moments of exercise may result in a boring workout routine. Frequently Asked Questions 1. How frequently should I perform the aerobic activity?  As per , an active adult can perform: ● Moderate aerobic training - 30 minutes a day, five days a week ● Strenuous aerobic exercise - 25 minutes a day, three days a week 2. How much effort do I take to o****btain the b****enefits of a****erobic activity? According to the , you should accumulate 30 minutes or longer moderately intense physical activity five days a week to gain quality health and fitness. 3. Is aerobic activity safe? Generally, most people can sustain aerobic activity, but certain health conditions may hinder them from doing so. You may consult your physician to know if you're fit for this kind of training. Anaerobic Exercise  Anaerobic (without oxygen) exercise involves short blasts of an intense activity prompting your body to demand immediate energy supply. Since it's urgent, your body  as its source of fuel instead of oxygen. Examples are sprinting and weight lifting. Pros ● It Saves your Time  You'll save time with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) because it involves quick blasts of intense activity resulting in muscular exhaustion that causes your body to burn more calories. ● It Increases Caloric Expenditure The more you exercise harder, the more calories you’ll burn at the end of the day. Anaerobic training boosts your  - it means that you're burning more calories during and after the exercise. ● It Boosts Metabolism HIIT increases muscle mass and endurance. Muscle cells are more efficient in  than fat cells even during the cessation of exercise. ● It Increases Body Endurance  As you progress on , you can quickly adapt to harder work. Cons ● Anaerobic Exercise is Not for All  HIIT doesn’t apply to everybody. Before you can perform intense activity effectively, you'll need to surpass a basic level of workout. Anaerobic training is too harsh for your cardiac health if you're a beginner. ● It Increases Risk of Injury  Sprinting or weightlifting increases your risk of injury because they require forceful movements. These strenuous workouts can also cause a more painful post-workout effect on your body. Frequently Asked Questions 1. How frequently should I perform the anaerobic activity?  You're required to perform an anaerobic training like weight lifting at least three days a week with one to two days complete recovery in between. 2. Does anaerobic activity safe?  It's not safe if you'll force yourself to this kind of exercise. Always keep in mind that anaerobic activity requires extra strength. Ask advice from your physician before doing any vigorous physical activity. Conclusion The aerobic activity utilizes oxygen as its source of energy, while anaerobic exercise breaks down glucose (carbohydrate) as its source of fuel. Both keep your body healthy. However, in terms of weight loss purposes, aerobics are the best exercises to burn belly fat. According to a study, aerobic activity is the best fat burning exercise, especially for women or people who preferred moderate activity for weight loss. Participants who completed a combination of  dropped more weight than their counterparts who only finished resistance training. Furthermore, the latter group achieved a leaner body mass, causing them to gain weight. Here’s more:  During , your body burns a more significant amount of fat because your heart pumps a higher percentage of oxygenated blood to your muscles. The presence of more oxygen ignites your body to burn a high amount of fat. And since anaerobic exercise doesn't use oxygen, your body burns less fat. #interesting #hd #12 #aerobics #cardio #fullbody 

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