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Circular Training without a gym


As a stepper you can use any stand – a small chair, bench, etc., which you can find in the house. This exercise is at the very beginning of a circular workout because it represents a cardio sequence that introduces you to further exercise. You lift your legs alternately on the stepper.

Push ups

You move on to the push up-s, which engage not only the upper muscle groups, but also the abdomen and the entire body. Shoulder width in front of you and the endurance position is a starting position, from which you can lower your chest as low as you can, taking care not to lower your head – look straight.

Lounges in the move

Leg workout, back lodge, gluteus plus cardio elements, all of which are included in the exercise. The point is that every step backward is also a step forward. The back is straight all the time, both legs bend at a 90-degree angle, and the front leg knee does not cross the line of the foot.

Jump out of the squat

Another strength exercise plus cardio. You engage the whole body. Shoulder Width, Back Upright – A position from which you descend into the squat until your feet are parallel to the floor. Then you jump up from that position, straighten your legs, and lift your arms upwards.

Exercise for triceps

You can lean on a lower chair with your legs fully extended. Then you lift your gluteus and legs up – the support is still on the palms and feet, with the weight shifting to the arms.

Endure with leg lift

A great workout that engages the whole body and is fantastic for raising gluteus. Take the posture position, and from this position lift one leg and the other alternately upwards without bending at the knees. Keep your back position in mind.

Stand against the wall and bike exercise

For the legs as well as for the abdominal muscles this is a great type of endurance. Lean your back against the wall and take a seat as if sitting – your feet should be as parallel as possible to the floor. It should be in this position for about 60 seconds. The second exercise is cycling, which activates the lower abdomen but in combination with lifting the shoulder blades, thereby engaging the upper abdominal muscles.

Hold on to the side

And lastly – lateral abdomen plus whole body muscles. With lateral support, the support on the lateral part of the foot and on the forearm – the back is straight. You should be in this position for about 60 seconds.

Good luck!

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