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Large biceps are one of the most sought-after parts of a beautiful body. But to take a subscription to the gym especially for this purpose and to go there sporadically is too much trouble for some people. That's why there are exercises you can do at home to train your biceps. For these exercises you don't need dumbbells, but you might need other items you can find at home.
## Push-ups
With the well-known push-up you train not only your pectoral muscles, but also your arms. You use your biceps as well as your triceps. This is why it is attractive to do this exercise because you are evenly wider. You don't need anything and the arms grow in proportion to your chest. Attention: the real result is only achieved when you do the push-ups completely correctly. Look below for tips to perform the exercise perfectly.

Pull ups
You can do pull ups in the gym, but also at home. For example, if you have steps that you can hold on to at the bottom, you can hang on to them and then pull up. If you never pull up, it's better to start slow and quiet, so as not to overload your muscles and so that you don't fall. Pulling up is quite a tough exercise. If you want to train biceps in a heavy but very effective way, look for the stairs or doorpost bar where you can hang on.
  Using objects There are also objects in the house that are heavy enough to be used as weight. Think of heavy books, a bottle of water or even bricks. You can just pick them up and hitchhike. For example, fill a water bottle and use it. The stronger your arms, the bigger the bottle. Often you can't make the weights very heavy, but by doing a lot of repetitions you can still train very well. The exercises you can do with this are similar to those in the gym, only with the house-garden-and-kitchen variant of dumbells. Check here some exercises for inspiration.
## Investing in a home gymIf you want to take biceps training a little more seriously but still stay at home, you can invest in dumbbells, for example. These dumbbells are made to train the biceps. You can also buy extra attributes such as a larger rod that you can use to train both arms at the same time. The advantage of this kind of equipment is that you know exactly how much weight you are training with and you invest in durable equipment.
## More muscles trainingDo you prefer to keep it at body weight only and do you want to train more than biceps? Then there are many more exercises with body weight. #interesting #men #male #biceps #arms #shoulders #gainmass #gainbodymass #beginner #20-35 #35-50

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