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Working on your upper body is of major importance for men training with weights. It is this part of the body that attracts the most attention, therefore the increase in size of the upper body is the ultimate goal of male athletes and bodybuilders.  When it comes to increasing body mass in your upper body, it is not just about biceps. In this article you will get to know all the important muscles to train for the perfect upper body shape. Many beginners mistakenly pay attention to training biceps only, while total body mass is built not just in your upper arms, but in deltoids, shoulders, chest and back.
Deltoids The deltoids contribute to both the front and back of the upper body and if they are not well developed your entire upper body will suffer. Some exercises that will help to develop the deltoids are dumbbell side laterals and front dumbbell raises.
Chest An exercise that will help to develop the pectorals is the bench press; the bench press works the entire pectorals. Another exercise that will help develop the inner pectorals is the narrow grip bench press.
Traps The traps will also contribute to the classic V shape that everyone wants their upper body to have. Some exercises that will help to develop the traps are the military press and the standing barbell press.
Triceps In addition, a well-developed pair of triceps will contribute greatly to chest development since the share many of the same exercises. Some exercises for the triceps are the narrow grip bench press and triceps extensions.
Biceps The biceps may not add much size to your body but if well developed, they can pull together a lacking physique and are necessary for any bodybuilder.
Abs No one wants to go the beach and after all his or her hard work have everyone be distracted from his or her great body by a fat gut. The key to great abs is a low body fat percentage. Most males will be able to see their abs at around 8% or below and females at around 15% or below. Crunches will help to tone the abs but I do not recommend using weight because you will get a gut full of abs. This may look all right at the beach but when you have your shirt on it will just look like a beer belly. #interesting #men #male #bodybuilding #gainmass #gainbodymass #upperbody #biceps #triceps #chest #abs #beginner #20-35

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