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Leave out all the fancy essentials, all you need for these exercises is a mat. Not crazy at all that you don't always have to buy a lot of stuff for a workout, or go to the gym before every workout. Once in a while it's lovely, relaxed and easy to train at home. In this post we will show you the ultimate pilates workout for anyone who prefers to work out at home now, without needing a single yoga block or dumbbell. These 12 exercises target all areas of your body, from the tip of your head to the inside of your thighs. During the training your whole body will be covered. They may seem easy at first glance, but dare to say it again after the workout, when your muscles are trembling. Extra tips for the exercises to train your whole body Bird Dog:  If you stretch your leg, pretend it's a rubber band that you're back pressing against, this move will make sure you perform the movement correctly. Also make sure you have a good balance by tightening your core. Side Plank & Pilates Push Up:  Always make sure your shoulders are above your wrist or elbow. Focus on lifting your lower leg to get more out of your slanted abdominal muscles. If you're going for the push-up, don't forget to work on your triceps by pushing your elbows into your rib cage. Swimmers:  Squeeze your buttocks together and push your tailbone into the floor while lifting your chest. Keep your shoulders down and make your neck long. Reverse Plank with Leg Lift:  Try to lift your hips continuously and keep your shoulders pressed down. Stabilize your whole body. Single-Leg Bridges:  make sure your knees are above your ankles. Squeeze your buttocks together while lifting your hips and lower back off the ground. Extend your thighs by stretching your toes into the air. Relax your neck and shoulders. Side Leg Sweeps:  Try to stabilize your core while moving your leg. Keep resistance in the movement by focusing on your leg during the movement. Side Leg Circles:  Follow the same instructions as the Side Leg Sweeps. Side Leg Lifts:  Don't let your hip roll away when you lift your leg, so you can avoid falling over. Flatten your back as if you were sitting on a chair. No crooked back! Can-Can:  With this exercise you work on your core. Make sure you focus on using your abdominal muscles when you move your legs. Scissor Kicks:  Relax your neck. Take a deep breath when you change legs. Stretch your hamstrings and aim for a straight leg (this won't work the first few times). 100's:  Look at your navel. Make sure you push your lower back into the floor. Don't forget to breathe while counting your repetitions. Planks:  Lift your abdominal muscles and keep your back straight. Squeeze your buttocks and thighs together and keep your neck long. Your shoulders should hang above your wrist or elbow.
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