Short Video Abs Workouts for Women

Always dreamed of a flat belly? This is your chance to start and get to action.

You don’t need to go to the gym and work yourself over the limit. The key to a beautiful belly is the right food and regular exercise. 

When choosing the right workout for you, think of your body type, age, health history and hormones. All these factors play a role in your health, body shape and overall feeling.

Note: you must feel well to perform these exercises and start with small steps. Do not over train in the beginning. This will lead to pain afterwards and might make you quit training. Make sure that you did not eat in the past 2 hours before Abs exercises. This might adversely affect your performance and will not let you get the best results. 

1. Ultimate Abs Workout for Women

Try the workout in this short video by abdominal training expert Pamela Reif.

Keep in mind: if you feel uncomfortable, take a break. Don’t try to follow all the repetitions.  

2. Abs Workout for Women 50

If you are in your 40s or 50s, try this workout specially developed for you. Take it easy when working on your abdominals. Flat belly is achievable at any age, but can be more challenging when we get older. It is not just about the muscle tissue, but also the joints and other body changes that come into play. Try to be more careful with your body and adjust the tempo.

3. Intensive Short Abs Workout for Young Women

This short blast workout is recommended for younger women who would like to spend only 6 minutes a day to train the abs. This does not mean that the result is less visible. If you repeat this workout regularly, the effect will be visible in just a couple of weeks. Make sure that you do the stretching afterwards. Intensive workouts usually lead to high release of lactic acid. Therefore it is important to do the stretching for better blood circulation in your muscles and faster recovery. 

Abs Workout Tips

  • If your body gets more trained and used to doing Abs workout, you might go for harder versions of the exercises. 
  • It is usually not necessary to work on your Abs for longer than 15-20 minutes. 
  • Try to pay attention to your back as well when performing Ans exercises. Sometimes you might feel too much pressure or strain in your lower back. Adjust so that you do not experience it. Otherwise this might lead to injuries. 
    There are many different ways to train your Abs and you must find the right one for you. Some people prefer to work on Abs as part of a Full Body workout. Others like to combine it with Cardio. Some do Abs and Glute. Go ahead to find the right Abs ritual that fits your body and daily routine. 

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