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How to Stay Fit after 50

Some people say they only got time for themselves after 50. Starting to go out again, doing sports and other activities. In this article we will look at how you can stay fit in this age. For most of us this is the period in our life when we get to know ourselves, what we want and can find a balance.  At the same time after 50 your body gets more vulnerable. When exercising, you should not focus on muscle building or intensive workouts, but rather on staying fit, active and in a good shape.  There are three main aspects to pay attention to in your body. These are muscles, bones and balance.  In this article you will learn which types of activity are best for each of them.
## Muscle training after 50
The best exercises for your muscles are strength exercises, cycling, swimming, jogging, football, tennis and fitness. These are the typical activities than men will choose for their workouts. You may perform them in a group or with your workout buddy. Pay attention that you make them with your age group and the trainer takes your age into account during the training and especially during the warming up.It is much easier to get an injury in this age, especially if you start with a new discipline. Your body reacts different to exercises and warming up is essential.
## Keeping strong bones after 50
After 50 you must pay attention to your bones. This is especially relevant for women. We would also recommend you to check your health before exercising. Hormonal changes in menopause lead to a decrease in estradiol which in its turn can lead to lower bone density and higher fragility.Regular movement helps to keep your bones and joints in shape. We recommend such activities as strolling, moderate dancing, climbing stairs or running. Please note that all these activities involve high pressure on your joints. Be careful and do not perform these activities at top of your ability and for longer periods. If you feel discomfort, take a break and wait until you fully recover before starting to exercise again. Physiotherapy can help to get your joints and bones back to normal. 

## Balance exercises after 50

Finally, for your balance we recommend yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, gymnastics and ballet. Also keep in mind that some yoga or ballet movements can be challenging and can lead to injuries when not performed with caution. You must always listen to your body and adjust the training to your abilities. But in general these exercises are recommended for women in their 50s to improve balance, flexibility and get in shape. Some of them can be performed at home.Choose the exercise based on your age, level and goals and perform it in a group or alone, as you prefer. Movement is essential at any age. The recommended norm is two trainings a week and at least 150 minutes of active physical activity a week. Spreading your active hours evenly over the days leads to less stress for your body, less rehabilitation and better health effects.
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