Lower Back Exercises for Women

Lower back exercises are highly recommended for everyone who has not very active lifestyle. These exercises help promote mobility and blood circulation in your muscles, strengthen your posture, improve strength and on top of that they give you a beautiful firm shape. You would almost have to be crazy not to maintain the muscles in your back. That's why you can do these back exercises at home. So you no longer have to worry about those expensive fitness subscriptions.  Note: do you have really severe back problems? If so, be sure to ask your doctor's advice before starting any back muscle exercises. Here is a selection of exercises to consider in case of back pain:

  • stretching and mobility exercises for lower back pain
  • muscle strengthening exercises in low back pain¬†

Bridge exercise

Lie on your back, fold your legs, and place your feet flat on the ground. Raise your buttocks until your thighs and upper body form a straight line. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and tighten your buttock and back muscles. The more trained you are, the longer you can keep this up. Repeat the exercise about 15 times. Advanced users can also do this exercise while stretching one leg when lifting the buttocks.

Extend opposite arm and leg

Start on your hands and knees, with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Keep your back and neck straight. So do not bend your head upwards to look forward, but focus your eyes on the ground. Tighten your buttocks and belly, raise one arm so that it is in a straight line with your back. At the same time, lift your opposite leg. Hold this position for a moment and repeat the movement with your other arm and leg.


Lie on your stomach and stretch your arms and legs. Raise one arm/shoulder off the ground, together with your opposite leg. Hold this for a moment and then change sides. Advanced users can also do this exercise while arms, shoulders and legs are raised off the ground at the same time.

Back extension with ball

Lie on the gym ball with your stomach and hips. Stretch your legs, keep your hands in your neck and slowly lower your upper body. Raise your upper body until your upper and lower body form 1 straight line, certainly not further. Hold this position for a moment and repeat the exercise about 15 times.

Lean forward rowing motion

Place your feet at hip width, bend slightly through your knees, and tilt your upper body forward. Keep your back straight throughout the exercise. Start with your arms suspended. Then pull your arms up and let your elbows slide along your body. Hold that pose for a moment and return to your starting position.

Rowing motion from pump position

Start in pumping position, with arms stretched out and a straight (!) back. Put your feet a little apart to keep your balance during the exercise. Pull your arms alternately slowly upwards and hold that position for a moment. Be careful not to hang crooked!


Place your elbows, forearms and toes on a fitness mat. The rest of your body stretches out. Try to keep your body as straight as a straight board and hold that position for a while. Start with 10 seconds but gradually build up to 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise about 4 times.

Back squats

Just like with regular squats, place your feet at shoulder width. Then bend your knees, tilt your upper body forward (keep your back straight!) and extend your arms in front of you. Hold on for a moment and then stand up again by tightening your buttocks. Do this about 10 times.

Suspended Rowing Moves (Bodyweight Rows)

Last but not least: an advanced back exercise. With the hanging rowing movement you train the strength in your arms and upper back, and strengthen the rest of your back. Hang under a table by gripping the side firmly. Stretch your body out in a plank shape! Now, with your body stretched, try to pull your chest down to the bottom of the table 10 times. Et voila!

Finally, don't forget that back exercises are always accompanied by abdominal exercises. Only by strengthening both will you really get a firm muscle corset.

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