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Best Chest Exercises for Men

Do you ever wonder what are the best exercises to develop your pectoral muscles? We are going to answer this question for you in this article! Below you will find the 10 best exercises for training your pectoral muscles. There are many chest exercises you can do on 'chestday'. But which exercises are now the best breast exercises are now the best fitness exercises? If you want to know right away which exercises are the best to develop your torso, take a look at our top 10 chest exercises.  Tip: with a home gym, you'll have plenty of training opportunities for both your chest muscles and other muscle groups.  This top 10 consists of breast exercises you can do at home and at the gym. There are also exercises where you not only train your pectoral muscles, but also your arm muscles and other parts of your upper body. Some chest muscle exercises also require materials such as dumbbells. We will explain how to perform an exercise and where in the workout the exercise can best be performed. Breast muscle exercises are suitable for men and women.  1. FLAT-BENCH DUMBBELL PRESS Why Flat-Bench Dumbbell Press? With dumbbells, each side of your body works independently of the other side, which requires more from your stability muscles. This makes dumbbells more difficult to control than, for example, a barbell. They are a good alternative to bench press when you are no longer making progress. To be able to move forward for a long time with this exercise you need adjustable dumbbells. Place in workout For the dumbbell press, you have to schedule the exercise somewhere at the front of the workout. Flat-Bench Dumbbell Press is not an addition to bench presses, but rather an alternative because the movements are so similar.  2. INCLINE DUMBBELL PRESS Why Incline Dumbbell Press? Dumbbell Press belongs to every top 10. But with an adjustable exercise bench you can do a number of things you can't do with a fixed bench. Our favorite: vary the angle of the bench per workout. By training muscles at different angles, you can develop them more thoroughly. Place in workout This exercise can be a good exercise to start the work-out with, but can also easily be second or third. Don't do the exercise too late in your workout: the later, the less weight you can handle. 3. PUSH UPS Why push ups? Push ups are perhaps the most well-known exercises for your upper body. You can perform them in many different ways. This shape with a half-balance ball is ideal to also appeal to the muscles in your 'core'. Place in workout The push ups put you somewhere halfway through your chest training. Partly because this chest exercise is done without weights, it is relatively 'relaxing' for your muscles and therefore fine to do in between. But make no mistake: training your chest muscles without weights does not have to be light. After all, your training weight is your own body weight. 
4\. DIPS FOR YOUR PECTORAL MUSCLESWhy dips for your pectoral muscles? Dips are normally not an exercise for your pectoral muscles, but this variation is a good alternative to the decline press. Important advantage: you can easily do this exercise yourself! Take the dip posture. Place your feet behind you and lean as far forward as possible. While dipping, let your elbows point outwards. With these dips you not only train your pectoral muscles but you combine chest with triceps.  Place in the workout If you are strong, this exercise for the bottom of your chest is an excellent closure or 'in-between-set' of your chest workout. If you're not strong enough to do this, do this fitness exercise earlier in your workout. Combine these dips with push-ups (exercise 6) and you'll have a great superset! 5. BENCH PRESS - BARBELL BENCH PRESS Why bench press? If you are looking for barbell practice then bank pressures are definitely suitable. With bench presses you can generate the most strength; with bench presses you can therefore also handle the most weight, allowing you to build relatively the most muscle mass. In addition, it is easier to keep a barbell under control, than, for example, two heavy dumbbells during dumbbell press. This makes this exercise especially suitable for the relatively inexperienced strength athlete. You can already perform this exercise with a single barbell with weight discs and a dumbbell bench! Place in workout Do bench presses somewhere at the beginning of the chest workout, so before you start on heavy sets with few repetitions. Varying the width of your grip results in a more complete development of your chest.  6. LOW-INCLINE BARBELL BENCH PRESS Why Low-incline Barbell Bench Press? If possible, adjust your adjustable training bench to a low incline position. In this way you will have more focus on the upper pectoral muscles, without the help of the deltoids (the muscle over the collarbone). Low-incline bench press is also easy to perform on a smith machine.  Place in workout Many chest workouts begin with flat fitness exercises, before moving on to incline exercises. Try reversing this every now and then and start with incline. By freshly starting with incline chest exercises, you'll be able to cope with more weight than later in your workout and so you'll be able to train your upper chest muscles heavier.
7\. SEATED MACHINE CHEST PRESSWhy Seated Machine Chest Press? Bench presses with free weights are very effective. However, training pectoral muscles using the machine press offers some unique advantages. You can easily slow down the exercise or perform it quickly. Place in workout Do exercises with machines towards the end of your chest workout. Training with free weights is more functional, but if you want to build muscle mass, machines are an important addition. This chest exercise can be done at the gym or at home with home gyms.  8. CABLE CROSSOVER FLYES Why Cable Crossover Flyes? This list does not contain many isolation exercises for training your pectoral muscles, but this is a favorite of the cable exercises. Cable crossover exercises ensure that your pectoral muscles remain tight throughout the movement. For optimal effect, perform this pectoral muscle exercise on an inclined exercise bench. Place in workout Do them towards the end of your workout, with a slightly higher number of repetitions (sets of 10 to 12).   9. DUMBBELL PULL-OVER Why Dumbbell Pull-Over? Make sure this stays an isolation exercise. So don't bend or stretch your elbows! This exercise is often confused with the dumbbell pull-over for your triceps. If you put the bench in an incline position (approximately at an angle of 45 degrees), your muscle fibres will be tightened during a longer part of the movement. Vary the weight of the dumbbells or make the exercise heavier or lighter. Place in the workout Do the pullovers at the very end of your workout, with sets of 12. During each set, hold the last repetition for 5 seconds, at the point where the muscle tension is at its greatest.  10. PEC FLY MACHINE Why Pec Fly Machine? Chest flyes are difficult for many beginners to learn with dumbbells and/or cables. The Pec Fly makes the exercise a lot easier, because the machine guides you in the right direction during the exercise. Eventually you will also be able to do this exercise more easily with dumbbells. Place in the workout Use the Pec Fly machine as the last pectoral muscle exercise in your chest workout routine, with sets from 10 to 12. You can find the Pec Fly machine at the gym or as part of your homegym.  Difficulty of chest exercises Not all exercises are equally suitable if you are just starting to train your pectoral muscles. Therefore, the schedule above indicates whether a chest exercise is for beginners or advanced athletes. Advanced or non-advanced: it is recommended not to do an exercise directly with the heaviest weights, but to build it up slowly. Athletes who have more experience with pectoral muscle exercises can do the exercises for advanced as well as beginners.
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