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Training Your Glutes: the Tips

Round buttocks and many more presents for your body. You're born with round buttocks. Or not, because by using a helpline of workouts you can often make a big difference. There are huge muscles in your buttocks: your glutes. This trio of gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus forms a popular marriage with the three of you. We massively squat on it because we all like the round buttocks. The maximus gives the beloved curve to your buttocks, but is also addressed when you twist your leg, tilt your thigh sideways and push your hips forward. An important muscle, for your appearance, but also for your health. The other two support the maximus and make sure, for example, that you can put your leg aside.
The workhorse of your body According to , M.D., movement doctor and author of the book The Exercise Cure, your glutes are the workhorse of your body. "You use them all the time." Your gluteal muscles help support your body when you're standing, they help you get off the ground and give you better overall balance, he says. So it's important that your buttocks are strong enough. It has also been shown that training your buttocks can help reduce back pain.
Core power "You use your buttocks more than you think", personal trainer and beloved member of our WH Squad Victoire Klaassen tells us. You might think you're in the gym squat and elevator to get rounder buttocks. But actually you do that movement all day long. Grab a case of beer, get in the car."
We like to look back in the mirror at a well-formed buttock - but don't underestimate the rest of your core either. "Opposite your glutes are your abdominal muscles to keep you in balance. It's important to have a strong core. If you have a strong core, you can do other exercises more easily. Think of your body as a crane. With a crane it also becomes heavier for the point of view the further the weight goes to the ends. This also applies to your body. When you do a workout, you always need your core; abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles and back muscles. The more weight you lift with the 'ends', your arms or legs, the more you ask of your core. In the world of fitness they also say: 'proximal stability for distal mobility' which means that a strong core keeps everything strong.
For glutes exercises at home read our 
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