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Best Dance Videos with Instruction for Beginners

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Are you bored and want to move, but wondering where to start. Start with dancing classes online! In this article we have selected some very different dancing styles for you to get a taste of them and try out which one is the best for you. You will see the basic moves for beginners without music. No crash course, just some moves and rules for each dancing style. This is gonna be interesting! In this video Vincent Vianen will slowly teach you the fun moves which you can use universally.  This amazing video for girls willing to follow the basic dance moves along with Lucie Fink. She invited Sarah Burke from Obe Fitness. Check it out!  Bachata moves for  beginners. Check out this class if you wonder what bachata is and whether you should do a class at home or in your sports school. 
This is the video explaining the basic moves in Bachata. No music in this video, but super for understanding the basics of the class. In this video you will see the super powerful choreography of Sherrie Silver in Afrobeats. She is going to teach you the moves and share lots of positive energy. If you have no Afrobeats classes nearby your home, don’t worry. You can always follow her online! We hope you have enjoyed this amazing dance videos and tried to follow some of the moves. Dancing is not just good for you, but also fun.  Stay fit with us! 
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