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Proper nutrition menu for 1500 kcal 1st day

Breakfast: Oatmeal porridge with protein and strawberries

Tiffin: 300 g of cherries

Lunch: Kish with cheese and sweet pepper

Afternoon snack: Vegetable salad

Supper: Caesar salad with chicken

KBZHU 1504 -- 125,58 -- 54,25 -- 135,04

For two days: Boil 400 g of chicken fillet. 2 \ 4 parts put in the pie, 1\4 part in the salad for dinner on Monday, 1\4 part for Breakfast on Tuesday.

Breakfast: You will need 40 g of oat flakes, 100 ml of milk, 100 ml of water, 50 g of strawberries, 2 proteins, sweetener to taste. Beat the whites to steady peaks. Cook oatmeal porridge with a mixture of water and milk. For two minutes until ready, add the whites to the porridge and boil all together for 2 minutes, stirring.. Add strawberries to the prepared porridge.

Lunch: You will need: for the dough: 100 g of cottage cheese, 100 g of oat flakes, 1 egg, 40 g of yogurt, a pinch of salt. For the filling: 2 eggs, 150 ml of milk, 200 g of yogurt, 100 g of cheese, boiled chicken fillet, 50 g of sweet pepper, a bunch of greens. Mix all the ingredients for the dough, knead. Distribute the dough in a 20-24 cm diameter form, forming a wide rim, and bake the base in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 g. At this time, prepare the filling. Finely chop the chicken, pepper and herbs. Beat eggs, milk, yogurt and cheese, add chicken, pepper and herbs. Pour the filling into the base and bake all together for another 40 minutes. Divide the pie equally between Monday and Tuesday.

Afternoon snack: Salad of 100 g cucumbers, 100 g tomatoes, 10 g olive oil.

Supper: Cut the boiled chicken fillet, 1 hard-boiled egg and 10 g of Russian cheese into cubes. Mix with green leaf lettuce (100 g) and cherry tomatoes (100 g). Season with a sauce of 100 g of yogurt 4%. For the sauce 100 g of yogurt a drop of Russian mustard a clove of crushed garlic dill salt to taste mix and season the salad. helps you start a new, healthier life. Get a workout motivation, find your personal coach and get a personalized workout plan paired with a your own meal plan. Join thousands of like-minded people sharing information about sports, workouts, motivation and dieting everyday.

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