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How to Stay Fit and Healthy Without a Gym

Some people stay fit and healthy without a gym.  Believe it or not, it’s all about the attitude.  You don’t have to invest time and money in exercise to stay active until late 80s. Where some see obstacles as no time, no money or injuries, others find a way to move and stay healthy every single day.  Read this article if you like to know the secret behind staying fit and healthy without any investment. Moreover, here we will tell you how to get pleasure from boring things. 
You still need to keep moving People need daily exercise to stay healthy. By moving you keep your body supple and fit. So whether you want it or not, to stay healthy you have to exercise enough. However, that doesn't mean that you have to reluctantly exhaust yourself in an expensive gym every week. There are countless ways to get your body moving, and it really doesn't have to be that hard. Exercise doesn't always have to be annoying Do you feel guilty when you stayed home while you were planning on going to the gym? Do you think you should play sports a lot more, but do you actually hate it? Do you only come to the gym because 30 euros a month are debited from your account? If you see sport as a necessary evil then it's time to change your way of thinking. Sport is not necessarily necessary to stay healthy. You need exercise, but that doesn't always have to be expressed in sport. You can move in fun, more natural ways. You really don't have to hoist yourself the crosstrainer if you really don't want to. The following tips will help you on your way to a life with less sport and more exercise that you can really enjoy. By making exercise a bigger part of your daily life, you can easily stay fit and healthy. That's what Lazy Fitness is called!
Something is better than nothing If you hate sports, you're happy to put it out in front of you. The disadvantage of this behaviour is that you feel guilty, and that you do nothing at all. The next time you look up to a long workout at the gym you have to remind yourself of the following: A little exercise is better than no exercise. It's better to exercise a little every day than to plan to exercise hard every week and then not do it. Action is more effective than no action. So give yourself the freedom not to torment yourself with the gym if you don't want to. There are plenty of alternatives!
1. Enjoy sports in front of your screen There are many reasons why people prefer to workout at home. No time to travel, you prefer to workout early before the gym is open, feeling shy or simply not interested in going to the gym.  Try watching sports motivational videos. Find the type of workout that fits you and a trainer that keeps you engaged. There are plenty of videos out there to start with simple workouts and moves or to train regularly.  Dancing, cycling, jogging, any video with an online buddy is better than doing it alone!
2. Going out with a friend
Spring is just around the corner, and so the time has come to enjoy the outdoors. Moving outdoors doesn't feel like a sport, but rather nice and natural. Do you usually go to a bar with your friends? Or do you like to hang out on the couch with a pack of cookies? Then do it differently. Take a nice walk, cycle through a beautiful nature reserve or go skating. Because you can have a nice chat with someone you move without really paying attention. Still, this way you can get a lot of exercise that you otherwise wouldn't have gotten. You can always have a nice chat afterwards with cookies or a nice glass of wine, but with a satisfied feeling!
### 3\. Finding movement everywhere
Avoid elevators and escalators. Take the stairs. See if you can (partially) cycle or walk to work. Get off one stop earlier and walk for ten minutes. Make larger laps with the dog. Go on foot to get some groceries. Do your best to get exercise in all kinds of places. By looking at your daily life in a different way, you discover that you can easily get more exercise. What's more, these forms of exercise often help you save money and go through life more relaxed!
### 4\. Working intensively at home
Vacuuming is also a sport. The same goes for cleaning the windows, scrubbing the bathroom, tidying up your wardrobe or cleaning the dishwasher. No longer see the household as a tedious rut that has to be done. You can kill two birds with one stone. Make your living environment more pleasant and healthier! You don't have to look up to vacuuming like that anymore, it saves you a ride to the gym!
### 5\. Laughing\, playing and making love
Be childlike. Children move around all day long, and stay fit and healthy easily. Play with small children, run around and don't be ashamed. Dance with each other, play tag! Playing is good for you. You have fun and keep your body fit. Moreover, laughing is a great workout. Also playing and making love with your partner are good ways to put your body to work. Moreover, they are the more fun things in life! Find the child in yourself. Be agile and enjoy being active. That way you stay fit more easily than you ever thought possible!
### 6\. Invent your exercise routine
You can come up with some exercises for at work, like stretching and regular stand-ups and squats. You can exercise in bed when waking up, stretching, doing abs with your legs up. Stretching when in the shower or drying your hair is an idea! If you know that you need to move more often, go more often to take a healthy drink. 
### More exercise with less effort?
As you can see, getting enough exercise doesn't have to be so annoying. You can combine it with fun and your social contacts.#interesting #20-35 #35-50 #50 #men #women #male #female #unisex #stayfit #getinshape #beginner

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