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Best Yoga Class for Beginners Videos: Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the classic type of yoga. It suits everyone who is new to yoga and would like to combine all the best elements of it. It is the style of yoga that includes all the important elements, body, breathing and mind. It is also not intensive, so just perfect for beginners.  In this overview we have chosen the best videos to start with and learn the basic moves and poses.  You can follow slowly and keep in mind that the classes take some time. You need to find at least 45 minutes for a class and not rush yourself, take it slower, if necessary. At the end of the class you will feel energized and light, also with your mind.  The first video is very relaxing and explaining the basics of the poses. It only takes 20 minutes, so take it easy and try to learn as much as possible. In this class, you'll be moving through hugging the legs in towards the chest , low cobra arch , child's pose and twist, low lunge, warrior 2 and flying warrior , wide leg forward fold and twist, bound angle pose, seated twist, supine pigeon, and savasana. The next video class takes a bit longer, around 30 minutes. It is Hatha yoga full class that is ideal for beginners and those of you looking for a more mindful practice. You’ll strengthen and stretch the body, holding each pose for several breaths. Hatha yoga tends to be gentler and slower-paced than a Vinyasa or Power style class. If you’re new to yoga, recovering from an injury, or are looking to de-stress by moving slowly and mindfully, this style of yoga may be the perfect fit for you. Optional props here are two yoga blocks. The next video class includes sun salutations, standing poses such as triangle, half moon, twisted triangle, and twisted half moon. This class also includes some pranayama toward the end and a short meditation for a complete yoga experience!  If you have any questions about the asanas, the sequence or the breathing, you can read more articles in our channel. Enjoy your yoga exercises! #interesting #men #women #20-35 #35-50 #50 #stayfit #getinshape #reducestress #beginner

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