Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Videos

If you need to improve your shapes and flexibility, Vinyasa Flow is a great practice to get a fit body and energized mind. It is one of the most intensive yoga practices popular in the “western” countries. That is why it is also called power yoga. Here you get the right balance of moves and breathing to keep you going and feel the workout. Like in the fitness workouts, Vinyasa classes are often focused on specific muscle groups.  This is not the type of yoga we would recommend for relaxation and meditation. For these purposes you can take a look at Kundalini yoga.  If you need to tone up, watch these videos and follow the moves. Here is the intensive 45-minute Vinyasa Flow class with lululemon.

Here you can watch and follow the introductory class of 1 hour. It is focused on linking breath with movement and is recommended if you have some previous yoga experience. 

In this video you can follow a 30-minute class for beginners that will heat up your body. It focuses on engaging the core and opening up the hips and front body. Briohny Smyth will guide you through this all-levels sequenced flow targeted at improving stamina, strength, and flexibility, while synchronizing breath with movement.

We hope you have enjoyed our Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Videos and followed the moves with the instructors. If you didn’t follow everything, try these Hatha yoga videos. It is a less intense yoga style that lets you take it easy and learn the postures step by step. 

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