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If you feel anxiety and do not sleep well, this might be due to stress. In this article you can get useful tips and learn about natural supplements for stress relief.  Take it easy Sometimes we get stressed because of too many things on the schedule or too many stressful moments. Before taking supplements for stress relief, try to avoid stressful situations and physical overload. Do not over-train in the gym expecting results to come more quickly or start doing important things at the last moment. Plan your schedule well in advance and break down big goals into small achievements. If you feel tired, it is always better to stop and take a break. Regular overworking and over-training for months can lead to a burnout which is not easy to treat and natural supplements will not be enough. So it is better to prevent this and listen to your body. The more time you give to yourself, your body and your mind - the better. Sometimes people look for the fast cure without realizing where the problem is coming from.  Herbal tea for stress relief If you really cannot avoid stress and need some remedy, try to find a herbal infusion before taking pills. It is always recommended to start with natural herbs before going to the doctor for sleeping pills or other medication. There are plenty of herbal teas that can help you to reduce stress.  It’s important to know when exactly you need help. If you have sleeping problems, try to drink a herbal infusion before going to bed. If you feel anxious before going to work, it is a good idea to start your day not with a coffee or tea, but with a relaxing herbal tea instead. This doesn’t mean that coffee is not a good idea. You can still drink your favourite drinks, but in lesser amounts. Stimulating drinks with caffeine and theine (green and black tea), especially in the afternoon and evening can cause you to feel over-excited and stressed. If you drink too many drinks during the day, instead of focus you might lose your peaceful state of mind and get frustrated. You can also prepare your home-made infusion with , valerian root and licorice. Melissa is known for its sedative and anti-oxidant effects. Valerian root is traditional and most often recommended treatment in stressful periods. Licorice is also very healthy for you as it has a strong  Such herbs as peppermint and camomile can also help for a moderate level of anxiety. The benefit of them is that they do not interfere with your focus at work. With these tea infusions you still have the energy for a workout and stay alert when driving. Finally, herbs can have a stronger effect in a mix as in  tea. It contains verbena, liquorice and peppermint and some additional flavours. 
Natural stress relief There are also minerals that can give you extra support in the stressful periods.  is known to support your nervous system in stressful periods. It helps to regulate you sleep and is also good for your muscles and bones. Therefore taking extra magnesium is definitely a good idea, if you are doing regular workouts. In general, drinking more water helps to reduce stress level. Dehydration leads to higher  and increased anxiety. That is if you are not feeling well, it is always necessary to drink a glass of water. Always keep water next to you when working and never forget a bottle with water when going to the gym. Natural supplements for stress relief: pills
If you prefer taking supplements in the form of pills, the most common, as we already said, is valerian root. If you need help falling asleep, try taking an extra dose of valerian with . We recommend that you start with melatonin in the smallest doses and not use it every night. Melatonin is a hormone produced in our body. So if you take it, your body might adjust and get used to your intake. You might need a higher dose and get used to taking the sleeping pills. Conclusion If you feel over-stressed, we recommend that you start with your lifestyle. Try drinking natural herbal teas. Use sleeping pills on occasion, if you really need to sleep. In general, one sleepless night is not a problem. If you see that none of this helps, you might need to visit a doctor to check your hormone levels. We wish you to stay healthy and chill! 
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