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Mistakes to Avoid in Strength Training

I want immediate results Training requires planning and listening to your body. You should not expect to get results faster by training more.  General rule for strength training is that training once or twice a week is the minimum to keep your muscles toned. Training three to four times a week will let you achieve progress. If you train five to seven times a week, your body does not get enough time to recover and build up between training sessions. This might lead to stagnation or even a rollback. So  is just as bad for you as undertraining.   Start with training at advanced level Training alone is not enough. You cannot expect to follow a program by top bodybuilders to get their body in a few months. Results in strength training depend on a combination of factors.  First of all, it is the starting point, your physical characteristics. Secondly, the amount of time invested. This includes planning and long-term training and rest periods. You only achieve results, if you support your training session with the correct resting periods. Thirdly, the correct nutrition and advice play an important role in your results. Healthy eating is not enough. You must learn what product to take before, during and just after training to optimize your results. Sports nutrition helps a lot and there are different products depending on your preferences and goals. Learn to examine the right ingredients and nutrition value. Finally, such factors as motivation, the quality of rest and recovery are important. You don’t always have to train in the gym. Other sport activities, like group sports, running, cycling or surfing can be a great way to keep you motivated and not bored. Start with very heavy weights The biggest mistake you can make is to grab heavy weights too quickly. It is crucial that you learn the techniques first before starting to increase the weights. This will let you achieve fast and better results without the risk of injury.  Not sure about the movements Each exercise requires thinking. Take your time to learn the physiology to understand what exactly you are training with each exercise and what is important. Look up the names of the muscles and watch the videos or ask for personal advice, if you are not sure what you are doing and why. For example, making squats and bending forward puts too much pressure on your back and knees. This is something you want to avoid doing this exercise.  No stretching  Stretching has nothing to do with strength training, does it? This is completely wrong. The more you train, the more important it is for you to . This is actually the most effective and necessary practice to let the lactic acid go and therefore avoid soreness and pain in your muscles for days after heavy exercise. This helps you to recover much faster and get better results.  Stretching is necessary after every workout and don’t forget any muscle that you have worked on. 
Dry training without pro advice  is a specific type of training for bodybuilders usually done before competitions. It is a different type of training that combines the diet, water intake and food supplements. This type of training should be done according to a scheme and personally adjusted.  The dry training includes warming up, strength training, cardio and stretching. The biggest mistake you can make is to overtrain when doing the cardio part. This can lead to that your body will start using the energy from your muscle mass. This way your training may result in a decrease of muscle mass.  
Eat bad There is no way you may let your body down by skipping meals or eating unhealthy. Strength training requires high-quality food with all the vitamins, minerals, protein, amino-acids and fiber. You may enrich your healthy diet with food supplements, but make sure to do your homework. Be informed on what you need and why. It is not good for you to take everything you can buy. Often food supplements companies advertise all their products as very good for you, but you must make the right choice. Ultimately, nothing is better for you than fresh and natural foods.   #interesting #men #women #unisex #male #female #bodybuilding #musclegain #increasebodymass #getinshape #powertraining #strengthtraining

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