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Can I Lose Muscles and not Fat?

Are you going to the gym trying to get in shape by losing weight and growing your muscles at the same time? It is important to know what you are doing. Read in this article about potential mistakes and how to avoid them. Set Your Goal Whether you are following a diet or doing a workout, it is important to set a clear goal. It can be weight loss, muscle gain, muscle toning or increased endurance.  The process becomes tricky when you set a combination of goals. For example, losing fat and gaining muscle mass. It may sound great, but it is not easy. To understand why, let us look at the process of energy production in your body. How is Energy Generated in Your Body In general, your body always uses glucose from carbohydrates as the primary source or energy. If that is low, it turns to fat and lastly your body will use protein from your muscles. When your diet is not balanced or you are stressed, your body might act differently. You can also teach your body other habits. For example, following the Keto diet you teach your body to use the energy from the fats first. This diet is very popular for weight loss. 
Balanced Diet If you try to lose weight, you might be limiting your meals and not following a balanced diet with the recommended amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. A healthy diet is usually 45-65% carbs, anywhere from 15-35% protein, and 20-35% fat.  If your diet is not balanced, your body might react to this by using your muscle tissue instead of burning fat. If you keep a balanced diet with a small energy deficiency and consume enough protein this will not happen.  Train Correctly Second important thing is that you should  your muscles. Low intensity exercises are not enough to make your muscles grow. So make sure that you train enough to load all the muscle groups. Combine strength training with cardio and stretching for the best results. 
Rest The third possible reason for losing muscles and not fat is that you are not allowing yourself to recover. Your body restores between training sessions and taking enough rest is just as important as training. You must sleep well to make sure that your hormones are working properly. Otherwise your body will fail to control blood glucose due to high cortisol level. According to a  one night of poor sleep could equal six months on a high-fat diet. 
Conclusion When trying to lose weight and get tones, make sure not to starve, keep eating healthy, exercise and take sufficient rest. Always listen to your body to get the best results!
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