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Short Video Exercises for Home: Tabata

Hi guys! In this post we’ve collected some super intense motivational and effective workouts for your body. Look at these and train at home. Get the energy and adrenaline within minutes! Here is the first cool video with a 12-minute Tabata workout. It consists of three parts. The level of difficulty increases with each level, every 4 minutes. Here is the workout plan:  Level 1    * Jumping jack * Push up * Squat * Plank * Easy burpee * Lunges * Crunch * Jump rope
**Level 2*** Burpees * Lateral crunch * Superman * Triangle push up * Trample on * Lateral plank * Lateral plank * Jump rope
**Level 3*** Lunges jump * Mountain climber * Push up hard * Jump squat * Plank elbow hand * Bicycle crunch * High knees run * Jump rope

Now let’s move to another short video with Tabata workout. Try it out! You’ll do 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest and 8 exercises. This workout is suitable for intermediate level.  No equipment necessary and it’s enough to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. If you need to take a break you can always pause it or adjust the exercises to your level.  Do this workout 2-3 times a week and focus on improving each time.  The workout plan includes the following exercises: * Push-Ups * High Knees * Squats * Plank Knee Touch * Jumping Jacks * Bicycle Crunch

In this video by Heather Robertson you will follow a high-intensity Tabata workout for women.  it is a full-body workout which consists of 3 different circuits that include 2 moves each. There are 4 rounds of each circuit to really get that heart rate up. This workout format is 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. No equipment needed so just a series of bodyweight exercises.  We hope that you have enjoyed our selection of Tabata workouts. They really give you an energy and positivity boost, so it’s better to do them in the morning before going to work.  Stay healthy and safe!
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