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Why Can Skinny Guys Not Build Muscles?

6 reasons why skinny guys don't build muscle mass Many gentlemen think - quite unjustifiably - that they are not capable of growing (muscle) mass. They wear themselves out of the joint in the gym, but the scales are stuck around the same weight and the mirror still lacks that long-awaited muscle mass. Perhaps the solution is a lot simpler than you think. Here are 6 reasons why you do not get the results.
You have no idea how many calories you are getting I can eat anything and nothing happens,' is a saying that regularly comes up when it comes to getting wider. However, the truth is, in most cases, that there is no hyper-fast metabolism but the knowledge of calorie intake is lacking. Count what you actually eat and drink for a week and see if your intake exceeds 2500 calories at all. If not, first eat more than 2500 a day for a few weeks and see what happens.
You smoke Smoking is one of those topics you don't often hear about. However, if you have difficulty gaining weight, quitting smoking is very effective. Smoking has a beneficial effect on your metabolism, which makes you less likely to gain weight. You often see that die-hard smokers are less hungry and when they eat, it is not easily stored as fat. Stop smoking and you'll find that you're more hungry and can gain weight more easily. If you don't do this, it is often mopping with the tap open.
Your sport is not effective You've got sports and you've got sports. Unfortunately, the fact that you are dedicated to the gym does not necessarily mean that you are doing the right exercises. A sweaty shirt is unfortunately not an indicator of success. Preferably focus on compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and bench-presses and always try to get more out of your workout than the week before. If you did three sets of 8 x 20 kilos last week, make sure you do at least 9 x 20 this week. Do you get 10 rehearsals? Then increase the weight to 25 and work yourself up until you can pump 10 reps. This approach is called progressive overload. The difference of 1 rep per set doesn't seem much, but if you continue like this every week, success is guaranteed.
You do too much cardio As a slim guy who wants to gain weight, prolonged cardio sessions are your Kryptonite. For more mass, you'll need to build up a surplus of calories. With heavy cardio, however, you make this a lot more difficult. It burns too many (precious) calories that you would have been better off using as a building block for mass. Therefore, try to keep cardio up to a maximum of 30 minutes twice a week. Strength training is really more than enough to stay fit. If you still want to cycle, run or the like, try to eat these calories again. You can calculate how much you need here.
You are stressing your abdominal muscles Many gentlemen are rather frantic when it comes to abdominal muscles. Because of this they try to cut back on food at all costs, despite the fact that they already have a slim figure. However, the body thinks very differently and decides to keep that last reserve of fat as a buffer. To counteract this, you have to eat more, however counterproductive this may sound. The result is that your body realizes that this reserve is no longer necessary, so that the last bit of fat will disappear. You will also build more muscle mass, which will increase your fat burning as well as your muscle definition. In short, after a while you will become more muscular and that last bit of fat will disappear as well. Win-Win.
You don't get enough protein You sport, take a shake afterwards and throw a bowl of cottage cheese here and there. This is certainly a good start; all those proteins will certainly support your muscle building. Whether it's enough, however, remains the big question.  That's why, as a strength athlete, always try to get at least 1.8 times your body weight in kilos of protein in grams. With that bowl of cottage cheese and that one shake, you're only on about 75 grams of protein (not counting the rest of your diet), which is only enough for a person of 45 kilos. In short, see what your intake is and fill in any shortfall.
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