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How to Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym?

We’ve all had those days when we feel too tired or simply not in the right mood for workout. That’s when the “another time” period kicks in. Then you may skip a few training sessions or even a couple of months. For some people who are not used to regular workouts in the gym it can even be the beginning of the “end”. Regular sport requires a lot of mental work and the right motivation. We all understand that after a long day and maybe even a long week filled with stress, meetings, colleagues and customers you might feel like falling down on the sofa and watching TV all evening. No emotional or physical energy to invest in a training is left anymore. It happens to everyone every now and then.  But you know what? Actually a workout in the gym may make you feel energized and empty your mind. It will raise the blood circulation, give you an adrenaline and endorphin boost. You will feel better physically and emotionally. At the same time, a quiet evening on a couch will make you even more unmotivated to workout the next time.  We’ve collected a bunch of motivation techniques here for you. Go ahead and read it, if you feel like skipping a workout!
1. Focus on the feeling after a workout I think this is always the last push to go anyway. During training it sometimes feels awful. You may want to give it up and not feel the energy coming for a longer period than normal. When you are finished, it always feels great. You feel like you have a sense of accomplishment, feel proud and happy with yourself. It never happens that you hesitate, but go to the gym, do a workout and then regret it. True?
2. Do the workouts that fit you Of course, it can happen once that you really don't feel like doing to the gym and that’s totally fine. You may give yourself a day-off, if needed, every now and then. But if you actually always feel like this or have non-stop trouble dragging yourself to that gym, then something is not right. That is when you should ask yourself if you actually like the sport you do.  You may be open for something more fun or relaxed, depending on your character. Try other things out, go out of your comfort zone. Invite a friend to try it with you so that you feel more comfortable for the first time. When you don’t try, you don’t know.  
3. Surround yourself with the right people Social part is very important for most people. Even in workouts that you do alone, like running, cycling, or swimming competition, exchange and support do play a big role in motivation and progress. Regular training with a group is a great idea to keep you willing to be back. Jest a few people you also know outside of the gym and feel comfortable with helps a great deal to go to training sessions.
4. You can eat more This sounds like a joke, but that’s really true. When going to the gym you already waste more energy and your workout usually takes at least 300 kcal, which is comparable to a light meal or a rich dessert. So indulge yourself with this. A visit to the gym earns you an extra snack or even a piece of cake. 
5. Keep track of your progress If you are just starting, it’s very crucial to make progress and get closer to your goal. Also if you are a regular gym visitor, there is always a room for improvement. Make a note of your goal and track how far you are in the planning. For example, you train tree times a week doing cardio. Add another goal to this, like getting your muscles toned and work on it gradually.   There is nothing more motivating to go to the gym than actually seeing the results. It makes it worth it and makes you proud of your achievements and work. Not one minute in the gym iis wasted. 
To sum it up: Just do it! So there are more than enough reasons to work out. Ultimately it’s not just about your body. It’s about your mental health and discipline. Possibly great friendships out there. Do not exchange an hour in the gym for an hour on the couch. Treat your body well and it will reward you.
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