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Nutrition diary the path to the perfect figure

Why do you need a nutrition diary and how does it help you lose weight?

"I eat only healthy foods, do not overeat, at night maximum kefir. So why am I not losing weight?" Who had this and who heard similar stories from friends.

! Remember and tell everyone: if you do everything right, and the weight still does not go away, then you are definitely doing something WRONG!

This is not genes, not hormones just somewhere in the diet error that does not allow weight to go away.

Find out what you're doing wrong, helps the food diary!

  1. In the diary, you need to specify absolutely everything that you ate! Breakfast, lunch, snack, and even the candy that you eat under the slogan " " from one nothing will happen!" Don't forget that juices, tea, coffee with sugar and even kefir are all food!
  2. We fix the time of food intake to track and make up the frequency.
  3. It is necessary to record immediately after each meal.

You can keep a food diary " the old-fashioned way" by writing everything down in a notebook. But there are also many free apps. You just write what you've eaten, and the caloric content is calculated automatically. So you can control your diet and not be surprised if the weight suddenly stopped going away). But the most important thing is that you will train your brain and body to self-discipline!

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