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Your body functions on the basis of many different muscles, all working together. For bodybuilding it is not necessary to know literally every muscle in your body, but it is important to have a good knowledge of the most important muscle groups. A good bodybuilding training schedule takes all these different muscle groups into account, so that the result is a trained, muscular body that is in balance. In this blog you can read all about the different muscle groups in the human body that are important in bodybuilding! This way, you will create a tailor-made training schedule, so that each muscle group is properly addressed.

Which muscle groups are important?

If you plan to take bodybuilding seriously, it is important to know which muscle groups you need to take into account. It is also useful to have knowledge of some basic exercises for each muscle group. The following muscle groups are important for bodybuilding: biceps, pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles, hamstrings, calf muscles, forearm muscles, quadriceps, back muscles, shoulder muscles, trapezius and triceps. Below you can read more about these separate muscle groups.

For all muscles, giving a new stimulus over and over again is the right method to achieve optimal muscle growth. So don't think that there are one or two exercises for each muscle group that ensure continuous muscle growth. Keep looking for variety in exercises and in your training rhythm.


The biceps is a muscle in the upper arm, which consists of two parts: the long head and the short head. Another name for well trained biceps are muscle balls. So it is clear that a good training of the biceps determines your appearance. Strong biceps are the epitome of the strong, muscular man. Good exercises to train the biceps are so-called curl exercises. These can be performed with barbells as well as cables.

Chest muscles

Another muscle group that has a direct influence on your appearance as a bodybuilder are the pectoral muscles. A broad, muscular chest is the goal of every bodybuilder. Both left and right of the sternum you have a pectoral muscle group, which consists of an upper, middle and lower part. It is possible to train these parts of the muscle group in a targeted way. By doing exercises at an angle, flat or tilted backwards, you can achieve this. Good and well known exercises for training the pectoral muscles are push-ups and bench presses.

Abdominal muscles

The abdominal muscles: this muscle group offers the possibility - if well trained - of a six pack. The abdominal muscles actually consist of four separate muscle groups, two of which are important for bodybuilding. After all, the straight abdominal muscle and the outer angled abdominal muscles are above and therefore visible. The straight abdominal muscle is the muscle group you need to train in order to obtain the desired six-pack. There are numerous abdominal exercises, of which the crunch is the most popular and well-known one.


The hamstring is a muscle group that unfortunately does not get the necessary attention from every bodybuilder. It is the muscle group at the back of your thigh. Actually, the hamstring consists of three different muscle groups, but it is often trained as a whole. A good exercise to train your hamstrings is to perform deadlifts - with or without dumbbell. With this muscle group it is important to take sufficient rest between the training moments.

Calf muscles

Muscular calves: it might not be the first thing you think about when you're bodybuilding. Nevertheless, this muscle group has an added value for your entire appearance, provided that you provide a good workout. The advantage is that training this muscle group produces visible results fairly quickly. The so-called calf lift (calf lift) is a good and suitable exercise for this purpose. Take sufficient rest between calf muscle training sessions.

Forearm muscles

The forearm muscles are almost always visible. This makes these muscles an important part of your bodybuilding training schedule, but many bodybuilders find it difficult to train these muscles properly. Suitable exercises can be performed with cables or dumbbells, such as the wrist curl or the reverse curl.


The quadriceps, popularly known as the thigh muscles, is a muscle that consists of four parts. It is one of the strongest muscle groups in our body, providing the most muscle mass in our thighs. A good workout of the quadriceps is therefore important. By far the best exercise for this is to perform the squat (in different variants). Training this muscle group requires a lot of strength and energy, which makes it smart to plan these exercises at the beginning of a training session.

Back muscles

The back muscles consist of several separate, smaller muscle groups. In bodybuilding the focus is mainly on getting the desired 'V-shape'. To achieve this, it is important to train the broad back muscle. There are no exercises in which you appeal to all back muscles at the same time. That's why it's important to make sure there's a lot of variation between your workouts. The deadlift and lifting are well known and good exercises.

Shoulder muscles

The shoulder muscles are a rather vulnerable muscle group, because they are used for the upper body in a lot of exercises. Good training of the shoulder muscles is therefore not only important because of the muscle mass, but also to support other exercises. Bench-pressing is an exercise in which the shoulder muscles are tackled properly. Make sure that your shoulder muscles are not overstretched, so that you do not run into injuries.


The monkshood muscle or trapezius is simply also called the neck muscle. A well trained trapezius is clearly visible. When training this muscle, (too) heavy weights are often used, while the technical execution of exercises with somewhat lower weights quickly leads to better results. A frequently used exercise is the shrug, which has several variants.


A well-known muscle group, the triceps - also called the biceps' little brother. The triceps are used when stretching (the biceps when bending) the arms. This muscle group is located at the back of the upper arm and is very trainable. Use many different exercises, which are often short and intensive in character. Dumbbells are very popular. The triceps often have more mass than the biceps, and are therefore very important for getting muscular upper arms!

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