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Do you have some extra pounds which you’d like to get rid of quickly?

Most people have this once in a while in their life. In general, it is easier to lose weight when you are young, have time for cooking and exercising. Of course, there are many reasons why we get those extra pounds. 

Very often weight increase is temporary and you lose them just as fast as you gained them. 

Tip: Some people lose weight by small changes in their diet like avoiding snacks, avoiding deserts and sugar


This works for most of the people and you do not have to follow a strict diet as long as your carbohydrates intake is controlled. 

Most common mistake that someone can make is uncontrolled fasting. Although this can be beneficial if you follow the rules and have no health issues. This means starting the fasting in the correct way, drinking warm water, warm lemon water or tea. The way you stop the fasting is also very important. Many people just start eating the foods they are used to right away and this serves for fast recovery. Your body quickly restores the lost energy in weight. 

The right way is to start with light meals and keep your diet controlled. This will teach your body to respond correctly to the fasting and not lose the right track. 

In any case, the correct method for weight loss depends on multiple factors: your gender, age, the reason for your weight gain, how long you have been overweight, your goal, your daily activity, level of sleep and stress and, of course, your diet. 

A dietitian or nutritionist can look at all these factors to choose the right weight loss method for you. 

Sometimes your weight loss goal might go in pair with allergy concerns or other health limitations. 

In any case, we recommend first of all to avoid crash dieting. 

Secondly, try to look for the reason for your weight gain. Usually if you can find the reason - that is already half of success. Because many of us know that you can try lots of diets and nothing helps before you find the right ritual for yourself. Let’s put it this way, no one ever said that he tried many different diets and all of them worked. However, they all work in general for people trying to achieve weight loss. You just have to find the right one for you. 

Thirdly, weight loss is a journey. You embark on the journey, make commitments, adjust your groceries and cooking habits, adjust your meals and physical activity. 

Therefore, the advice is to try. You can start once and fail. Learn from your mistakes and try another diet or add some activity to your weight loss. It is learning and does not have to work from the first time. 

We wish you good luck in your weight loss goals and check out our diets. 

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