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Los mejores entrenamientos de Barre para todos los niveles

Would you like to have a lean feminine body? Try these barre classes which combine ballet, yoga and stretching. Typically after barre classes you will not have muscle pain or feel overtrained. However, according to many people who have practiced it, you will improve flexibility, get in better shape and feel much lighter. 

Barre is good for women of any age. It will be especially comfortable for you if you are already not new to stretching, yoga or ballet. No fast moves or heavy weights, as a rule no high intensity during the training, but all the muscle groups are involved. This creates a perfect balance which ends in amazing results for many women. 

The classes also do not last long, between 20 and 45 minutes including all parts. 

Here is a video by Coach Kel. Try this one as there is no barre experience necessary. This is a 35 minute barre workout you can do in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to lift, tone, and sculpt your full body. All you need is a "barre" (counters and chairs will work too) and a set of light hand weights.

If you have practiced ballet or barre before, try this workout by Cathryn Morgan. This is an at home ballet barre workout for the intermediate or advanced level ballet dancer. This is the typical format of a barre I would teach during a master class. All of the combinations are listed below so you can easily repeat them to really build your strength and technique. All music by the amazing David Plumpton. Filmed at Classical Ballet of Mobile. 

Try this short 20-minute cardio barre workout at home. All you need is a light set of dumbbells.

This toning and tightening barre workout targets the legs, core, and arm muscles. If you don't have dumbbells, just use your bodyweight. 

We hope that you have practiced barre well with these videos and found your level. It is a great workout to stay in feminine shape at any age. If you like it, look for a class near you or follow online classes. 

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